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Launch Digital Successfully Realized the Seamless Connection between Infrared Thermal Imager and UAV

Launch Digital developed the UART serial port control function for FLIR Vue Pro



   Recently, Launch Digital has successfully developed the UART serial port protocol control function based on FLIR Vue Pro and has realized the seamless connection between the infrared thermal imager and UAV. Meanwhile, it has paved the way for the UAV monocular / binocular pod to be able to better integrate with Vue Pro infrared thermal imager.

    Infrared thermal imager presents the information that the naked eyes cannot perceive by sensing the subtle temperature difference, and it can still enable the target to be presented clearly and can detect the temperature at each imaging point at the completely dark night or in the areas covered by smog, so it is the best choice for night vision and non-contact temperature measurement scheme. As the air carrying platform, the UAV brings the broad and flexible visual angles for the infrared thermal imager so as to be able to quickly recognize the target in the tasks such as search and detection. With the rapid development of the professional UAV industry, the UAVs with infrared thermal imagers have been increasingly widely used in the professional fields such fire protection, public security, military science, petroleum and petrochemical, power, environmental protection and mapping so that much work can be more professional, more efficient and more relaxing.

    FLIR Vue Pro is an infrared thermal imager product specially customized for the UAV, and it has been widely popular in the market due to small volume, light weight, complete functions and high cost performance. Launch Digital is the only partner integrated with research and development, production and sales of FLIR Company in Asia, and Vue Pro series UAV infrared thermal imager is one of the products that FLIR and Launch Digital have cooperated to develop. After the product came into the market, as the biggest agent of Vue Pro in China, Launch Digital also became the technology support center for FLIR UAV infrared products in China. Therefore, in order to meet the UAV infrared thermal imager's actual application demands in different fields, FLIR authorized Launch Digital to exclusively provide the Vue Pro customization services for the Chinese customers from 2016.

    The UART asynchronous communication interface can coordinate the data transmission between the transmitting equipment and receiving equipment only through the handshaking protocol instead of synchronizing the clocks between the equipment, and it is a widely applied serial data communication device and is also the most important data communication mode for the UAV flight control system in China at present. In order to adapt to the domestic customers' demands, Launch Digital developed the UART serial protocol control function based on the original Vue Pro in June 2016; hence, the infrared thermal imager could directly realize the seamless connection with the UAV flight control system through the UART serial port and can also better integrate Vue Pro in the UAV single / double optoelectronic pod. Hence, the UAV operator would be able to freely set the infrared thermal imager's image parameters and temperature measurement parameters on the ground or control the infrared thermal imager's photographing, recording and pseudo color replacing mode in real time to realize the requirements for the practical applications in different fields.

    Launch Digital has closely cooperated with FLIR with its own strong product development strength and has provided the customers with the reliable high-quality UAV infrared thermal imaging products, the customization services and the product support through continuous innovation, and it will create the greater business and application value for the customers in the field of professional UAV use.


(The customers purchasing the Vue Pro series and LC-R series products previously need to use the UART serial port function, then can realize it in the way of upgrading the firmware program. If required, contact our technical engineer 0755-86137880.)

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The world's biggest temple buildings by infrared tranquility and nature

Angkor, located in the northwest of Cambodia, is the world's biggest temple buildings famous for majestic architecture and fine relief. The green plant of Angkor could be into snowscape, stretching, White Plant, translucent and rime in summer in infrared photography by a photographer in Sichuan.The unique function makes the photos different into everlasting black-white classical color for Angkor post production. The group of works give a super-realism style different from the past: The towering old tree and silver-wrapped in the mottled light and shadow of the picture;Embracing the remains of ancient and mysterious Angkor, and the atmosphere of tranquil, natural, deep and grave revealed in the picture makes people in the dream without the existence of time. Especially the smile of Angkor under the black-white tone makes us feel the inner beauty in sadness about the ancient civilization of Angkor dynasty.


two sides of the stone bridge on the moat outside the gate of Angkor Thom with a row of 27 bust stone carving on a squat with slender eyes and subtle expression of Asura (God of Heaven), angry round eyes and fierce expression of Asura (Devil). Photos by Huang Zheng

2.jpgThe mutualism of Preach Khan Temple buildings and plant, and the weeds cover the wall without the sense of contradiction like a natural thing. Photos by Huang Zheng

3.jpgIt is an everlasting and Khmer Smile that you would find a smile through thousands of year when look at Bayon temple from all directions.Photos by Huang Zheng

4.jpgErawan Shrine of gate of Angkor Thom experiences the sunsets with a severe smile for thousands of year. Photos by Huang Zheng

5.jpgThe stone lion of Pre Rup stands to guard the soul and witnesses the rise of fall of civilization. Photos by Huang Zheng

6.jpgTa Prohm belongs to the nature not the human beings for thousands of years. Photos by Huang Zheng

7.jpgThe elaborate and intricate carvings of BanteaySrei tells a story of a beautiful woman made self-destruction at the war of admirers. Photos by Huang Zheng

8.jpgThe broken walls or the lost civilization of BengMealea in Tomb Raider?Photos by Huang Zheng

9.jpgThe broken walls or the lost civilization of BengMealea in Tomb Raider?Photos by Huang Zheng

10.jpgTa Prohm is a natural scene that makes people wonder how these tree roots grow up.Photos by Huang Zheng

Media Focus
3•15|How to avoid getting into disputes with customers when repairing mainboard of mobile phone
      International Day for Protecting Consumers' Rights comes again. With the continuous strengthening of consumers' awareness of rights protection and the rapid development of the self-media, there are a number of disputes arose from mobile phone repairs that have been exposed by the media in recent years.
      According to the complaint cases exposed by the media, disputes often occur after the repair of the mainboard of mobile phone, and the repair shops reject the responsibility for compensation or the compensation plan is not accepted by the customer. Many cases ended with the indefensible repair shops compensated reasonably after the intervention of the Consumers Association. In this way, while paying the compensation, the reputation of the shop is also damaged.
      As a matter of fact, all the shops in the cases damaged mainboards and the compensation was very reasonable, but why some of these shops tried to escape from the responsibility facing this situation?
      The answer is cost of a new mainboard is too high. The cost of the small-sized mainboard accounts for 1/3 of a complete machine. The above response the repair shops made is actually the same as customers. I am just here for repair and I can't suffer such a loss. For sure, the heart is made of flesh, and how can the repair staff can feel at ease suffering from loss after hard work without any profit.
      In fact, repair is the most difficult for the reasons of numerous components on the mainboard and complicated wiring. For example, the electrical leakage seems a little issue, but it is difficult to figure out the root of problem by bare eyes and hands, failure of finding out the fault point would result in repair by mistake and damages. So the repair staff undertakes great risk during repairing of the mainboard.
      Then, how can the mobile phone repair shop avoid getting into disputes with customers and avoid being complained by customers when repairing the mainboard of mobile phone?
      In order to avoid such a trouble, some shops would suggest customers: I. Replace with a new mainboard (cost is too high and customers prefer changing a new mobile phone); II. Change a new mobile phone (there is nothing to do with the repair shop). As for the repair shops, both of the solutions are difficult or impossible to be their business, and this is the solution to avoid risks and repair cost.
     Isn't there a solution to reduce the risk of repairing the mainboard for the repair shops and increase revenue?
      The world is changing with science and technology, and the problem that can't be solved manually, surely, by artificial intelligence. The main source of damage to mobile phone is from the misjudgment to the fault point, mobile phone electric leakage, short circuit or other faults are difficult to be figured out manually or through other traditional auxiliary methods. Now the mature infrared technology is adopted to identify the temperature of the mainboard so as to identify the hot point of the mainboard, accurately identify the fault point and improve the accuracy of inspection and repair. It is the solution to solve the huge pain point of repair of the mainboard of mobile phone.

     PCB Quick Diagnosis Instrument is a magic machine to easily exam and inspect short-circuit and electric leakage of the mainboard. Avoid the risk of damaging the mobile phone directly from the source, no chance to complain for customer!





Shenzhen Launch Digital Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2005 and with the registered capitals of RMB60.5 million, is the domestic leading intelligent service robot solution provider and innovative-type infrared thermal imaging technology promoter. It is a national new high-tech enterprise specializing in AI, electromechanical control, machine vision, deep learning and comprehensive application development of infrared temperature measurement technology.


  • 2013

    Conducted ODM development for the large well-known companies in the US and formed the first important product

  • 2015

    Introduced the first independently-researched micro online infrared thermal imager, with the enthusiastic response in the industry

  • 2016

    Introduced the first card-type infrared thermal imager

  • February 2017

    Introduced the innovative product - the global first PCB Quick Diagnosis Instrument

  • June 2017

    The infrared hand-held devices were used in large scale for the commercial purpose in State Grid

  • August 2017

    Introduced M10 network-based infrared thermal imaging core to be used in large scale in the domestic robot industry

  • March 2018

    Introduced the double spectrum online infrared thermal imager

  • May 2018

    Introduced the infrared thermal imaging highly-integrated micro module used for mobile phone and PAD and blazed a trail