Launch Digital debut in Hong Kong exhibition New product P1 detonate eyeball

Source:This site   Time:2016-10-17

       From October 13th to 16th, the 2016 Hong Kong Autumn Electronics Show and International Electronic Components and Production Technology Exhibition was held in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. As the leading intelligent infrared solution provider in the Mainland, Langchi Xinchuang brought a variety of products. And the module debut at the international electronic event. Among the many infrared products, the new P1 infrared card machine is favored by many buyers from the Americas, Europe, Asia and other places because of its small size, light weight, simple operation and excellent imaging effect.

       The P1 is a cost-effective portable thermal imaging camera from Langchi Xinchuang. Its card phone style is only 125*72mm (length * width) and only 16mm thick. It can be carried in your pocket. P1 temperature measurement function is complete, support central point temperature measurement, automatic tracking of the highest temperature and lowest temperature point of the screen, 3.5-inch large screen is easy to operate, 50 & deg; field of view is easier to observe than traditional gun-type thermal imager. As an entry-level portable infrared thermal imaging tool, P1 can be widely used in electronics, construction (such as floor heating, leak detection), mold processing, vehicle maintenance, food processing, power industry inspection, rail traffic inspection and other industries, will It brings great work convenience to the user.


P1 product map


  P1 imaging renderings         


       At the same time, the exhibition also exhibited infrared cameras, micro-infrared thermal imaging cameras, micro-infrared thermal imaging and dual-infrared thermal imaging modules for drones. Langchi Xinchuang made full use of this exhibition opportunity and domestic Foreign guests exchanged and negotiated, further enhancing the brand awareness and influence of the company's brand, and further deepening the discussion with industry experts, in order to better improve their products and give play to their own advantages.



Figure 1 Customers from Italy are learning about P1 product information

Figure 2  Company Sales Director Chai Yufeng is introducing P1 to French customers in detail


Figure 3   Domestic customers are learning about miniature online infrared thermal imager


Figure 4   Domestic customers are watching the imaging effects of infrared cameras using drones