Launch Digital Successfully Realized the Seamless Connection between Infrared Thermal Imager and UAV

Source:This site   Time:2018-08-13

Launch Digital developed the UART serial port control function for FLIR Vue Pro



   Recently, Launch Digital has successfully developed the UART serial port protocol control function based on FLIR Vue Pro and has realized the seamless connection between the infrared thermal imager and UAV. Meanwhile, it has paved the way for the UAV monocular / binocular pod to be able to better integrate with Vue Pro infrared thermal imager.

    Infrared thermal imager presents the information that the naked eyes cannot perceive by sensing the subtle temperature difference, and it can still enable the target to be presented clearly and can detect the temperature at each imaging point at the completely dark night or in the areas covered by smog, so it is the best choice for night vision and non-contact temperature measurement scheme. As the air carrying platform, the UAV brings the broad and flexible visual angles for the infrared thermal imager so as to be able to quickly recognize the target in the tasks such as search and detection. With the rapid development of the professional UAV industry, the UAVs with infrared thermal imagers have been increasingly widely used in the professional fields such fire protection, public security, military science, petroleum and petrochemical, power, environmental protection and mapping so that much work can be more professional, more efficient and more relaxing.

    FLIR Vue Pro is an infrared thermal imager product specially customized for the UAV, and it has been widely popular in the market due to small volume, light weight, complete functions and high cost performance. Launch Digital is the only partner integrated with research and development, production and sales of FLIR Company in Asia, and Vue Pro series UAV infrared thermal imager is one of the products that FLIR and Launch Digital have cooperated to develop. After the product came into the market, as the biggest agent of Vue Pro in China, Launch Digital also became the technology support center for FLIR UAV infrared products in China. Therefore, in order to meet the UAV infrared thermal imager's actual application demands in different fields, FLIR authorized Launch Digital to exclusively provide the Vue Pro customization services for the Chinese customers from 2016.

    The UART asynchronous communication interface can coordinate the data transmission between the transmitting equipment and receiving equipment only through the handshaking protocol instead of synchronizing the clocks between the equipment, and it is a widely applied serial data communication device and is also the most important data communication mode for the UAV flight control system in China at present. In order to adapt to the domestic customers' demands, Launch Digital developed the UART serial protocol control function based on the original Vue Pro in June 2016; hence, the infrared thermal imager could directly realize the seamless connection with the UAV flight control system through the UART serial port and can also better integrate Vue Pro in the UAV single / double optoelectronic pod. Hence, the UAV operator would be able to freely set the infrared thermal imager's image parameters and temperature measurement parameters on the ground or control the infrared thermal imager's photographing, recording and pseudo color replacing mode in real time to realize the requirements for the practical applications in different fields.

    Launch Digital has closely cooperated with FLIR with its own strong product development strength and has provided the customers with the reliable high-quality UAV infrared thermal imaging products, the customization services and the product support through continuous innovation, and it will create the greater business and application value for the customers in the field of professional UAV use.


(The customers purchasing the Vue Pro series and LC-R series products previously need to use the UART serial port function, then can realize it in the way of upgrading the firmware program. If required, contact our technical engineer 0755-86137880.)