Launch Infrared Products Performed Extremely Well in the Flood Control and Disaster

Source:This site   Time:2016-06-15

       On May 10, jointly invited by Shandong Longyi Aviation Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhongke Remote Sensing Technology Group Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Launch Digital Technology Co., Ltd. participated in the emergency response drills organized by Water Resources Department of Shandong Province during the flood season in 2016 with its latest UAV airborne infrared products. During the drills, the UAV infrared rescue scheme and products performed extremely well and received the unanimous recognition and praise from leaders at all levels of Shandong Province and the experts.


       El Nino Event happening from May 2014 has become a super El Nino event lasting for the longest time and with the highest intensity since there was a continuous meteorological record. According to the preliminary prediction of National Climate Center, droughts and floods would coexist in the east monsoon region in China in summer, and flood would dominate so there would be the bad harvest this year. Precipitation in Shandong Province during the flood season was more than normal compared to the same period in the ordinary years. In order to cooperate with Water Resources Department of Shandong Province and Flood Control Office of Shandong Province to actively cope with the flood control task in 2016, Launch Digital participated in the drills with the latest and the most advanced UAV infrared thermal imagers. The leaders at all levels of Shandong Province paid high attention to these drills, and many leaders including Head of Water Resources Department of Shandong Province, Director of Flood Control Office of Shandong Province, Mayor of Jining City and heads and directors of water resources departments of the cities in Shandong Province appeared on the drill site in person for view and command. During the drill process, the UAV with Launch infrared thermal imager displayed the multiple content such as water search and rescue at night and fast positioning of the water search and rescue targets, and the actual effect displayed by it received the unanimous recognition from all the leaders, search and rescue experts and search and rescue forces on the site. They thought that Launch UAV infrared system was very practical in the emergency search and rescue and that the air-to-ground disaster relief all-round coverage method was very important! The infrared UAV has enriched the science and technology products of Water Resources Department of Shandong Province to serve disaster relief. It will help the flood control and typhoon control work to face the new situation, new tasks and new requirements together.


  Launch UAV infrared thermal imager can implement the water search and rescue in the environment where the visual inspection cannot be used at night, which strives for more rescue time and increases the rescue success rate. Meanwhile, the 640 * 512 pixel resolution rate enables the rescue image to be clearer and enables the rescue action to be more accurate. What's more, the unique all-over temperature measurement function of Launch UAV infrared thermal imager enables the highest temperature point to be automatically shown in the screen. When a person falling into water appears in the screen, he / she can be captured in the first time and will be market with the red point in the screen so that the search and rescue personnel can find him / her more quickly and take the rescue action.


       Shenzhen Launch Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading intelligent industrial equipment and solution provider in China. Focusing on the comprehensive application development of the technologies such as the online monitoring, automatic control, digital network transmission and AI, the company is a national new high-tech enterprise specializing in the products such as the special industry robot and the special industry infrared thermal imager. In order to guarantee the life and property safety of the people in the motherland, Launch has been devoted to providing the high-performance and high-quality UAV airborne infrared thermal imagers to make its own contributions to the flood control and disaster relief work in the motherland!